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Cancer growth in the body could originate from a single cell

cancer stem cells

As the Universe expanded by Bing Bang Theory, now the scientists think Cancer also has a single “CELL OF ORIGIN” from where cancer spreads. To target them will revolutionize the treatment of disease.

Why Cancer?

Cancer has been a mysterious issue in the 21st century. The disease remains frightening and almost incurable. The scientists are trying hard to find a cure and more focused on how efficiently it can be eradicated from the body.

But what if all treatment strategies are going in the wrong direction and we are stuck to something that is more arduous and might be a fallible strategy?

What is the Problem?

Still, cancer therapy follows a conventional medieval procedure of cut, burn or poison. In case the expansion of cancer cannot be cut through surgery. Then it might be burned off with radiation or chemotherapy.

Because of this, its treatment remains daunting for patients and is the leading causes of death – which one in six deaths worldwide.

Cancer therapy
“Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are broad-based treatments which attack the bulk of cancer cells but also damage healthy tissue.” Napocska/Shutterstock

What is just Discovered?

Researches from the University of Salford have claimed that all cancer growth originates from a single cell in the body. The cells they found are called Energetic Cancer Stem Cell or e-CSC, that involved in making a tumor.

The discovery published in the journal “Frontiers in Oncology”.

How was it Discovered?

They studied cells of a human breast tumor. Where they discovered a sub-class of cancer stem cells called e-CSCs.  These cells produce a significant amount of energy and proliferate. They grow in suspension thereby do not get attached to any tissues and spreads through blood and lymphatic vessels. The researchers believe that e-CSCs are the source of all types of cancers.

Following this great discovery, the leading author Michael P. Lisanti said: “It feels like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack, and it crucially gives us a new window on cancer and how we might stop it.”

Switching to New Cancer Treatment

“Most drugs are made to target ‘bulk’ cancer cells, but not the root cause: the cancer stem cell.”

After the discovery of e-CSCs, it’s time for scientists to shift from the treatment of Bulk Cancer Cells to the root cause.

Moreover, e-CSCs are fluorescent due to the cell’s naturally radiant glow. Therefore, it won’t be a problem to target them.

Talking about the behavior of the newly discovered cells, Lisanti wrote in a piece for The Conversion “Now that we have found them and we know how they behave, it should be relatively simple to find drugs to target cancer stem cells.”

He further mentioned, In our new paper, we have already shown that they are easily targeted with a mitochondrial inhibitor or a cell cycle inhibitor such as Ribociclib, an FDA approved the drug in the US which would prevent their proliferation.”

Future perspective

If to target these e-CSCs and make them non-functional, it might cure the individual of every type of tumor. “Ultimately, this means that if we focus on energetic cancer stem cells, we might be able to hit the target directly,” he continued. “We might be able to turn cancer into a manageable chronic disease, like diabetes.”

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