Soon we’ll cure diseases with a cell, not a pill!

Cell cure diseases

Medicines began with straightforward principles, i.e. have an infection, take a pill and kill that microbes or others. It worked and is still functioning as of today for specific diseases.

However, the future of medicines is somewhere else!

Nature gives us some hints about how we may consider sickness. The natural world is organized progressively upwards, not downwards.

It all starts with a cell, which gives rise to semi-independent and self-regulating units called organs. The organs combine to frame Humans, and they ultimately live in environments.

So, the cells could be the part and solution to the ongoing crises of disease treatment and not pills!

History of medicines

If we look back at the history of medicine, antibiotics have been observed as wonder drugs. With the discovery of antibiotics, the field of medicine revolutionized. Almost all of the infectious diseases were cured with this wonder drug.

Some 100 years ago the world was suffering from lethal, contagious, infectious diseases like tuberculosis, pneumonia and more. The discovery of antibiotics solved almost all of our problems/sickness.

Antibiotics would be given to a patient, this medicine through blood reached the microbes, lock and killed it.

Current Problems

We were going pretty well with this whole procedure of locking and killing the microbes until we came across non-infectious diseases like diabetes, degenerative disorders, hypertension, and cancers.

We tried to incorporate the mechanism of locking and killing in these diseases as well, and it worked too but partly.

Actually, this idea of killing something swept so much through biology that we never looked another way around.

The whole world of biology was revolving around this scheme: having a disease, take medicine, and kill the microbe.

New Approach to Diseases Treatment

If we look at the natural mechanism of our bodies against diseases. It is not about killing something, in fact, it is about remodeling and reorganizing the cells. We have this built-in defense mechanism in our body called our Immune System that takes charge of the task.

Since the last decade, scientists have started thinking about this mechanism of our body. This natural mechanism gives us an idea of thinking entirely differently about a disease. And this natural healing system focuses on rehabilitating the cells making them fight and survive in their environment.

In the case of Cancer!

In a disease like cancer, we have tried desperately to apply this lock and key model. We started to kill cancerous cells by using a variety of chemotherapies; it worked too but again partly.

Cancer cells grow inside an organism and could use body capacity to tackle it, the fact that humans have an immune system.

Despite thinking about the ways of actually making cells capable of fighting where they could remodel themselves. Scientists were busy killing the cells and ultimately suppressing the body’s immune system.

In the case of Depression!

To treat depression, we have tried to cure it through medications. Medicines that would cure the imbalance of hormones in our nerve cells, this lock and key model worked here too but again partly.

Meanwhile, after years of researches, now depression could only be cured by changing the whole physiology of the brain. This could just be done by therapy, by remodeling the organ.


“It is very often said that the reason we haven’t had the transformative impact on the treatment of diseases is that we don’t have powerful-enough drugs, that’s partly true. But the real reason is that we don’t have powerful-enough ways of thinking about medicines.” Dr. S. Mukherjee

Future Perspectives

What’s really at stake perhaps here is not the medicine itself, also, rather than killing an organ in a degenerative disease or killing cells in cancer. What we need to do is to change our perception of medicine. Our immune system is a system of great defense and offense, we need to strengthen it to fight with body problems.

Moreover, there are also specific stem cells in our skeleton, brain, blood, etc. These stem cells are capable of regenerating the tissue, remodeling it and bringing them back to original form. We need to focus on these natural phenomena of our body system.

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