What is DNA Data Storage?

DNA Data Storage

Currently, the vast majority of digital data are stored in magnetic and optical media like hard drives, CDs, DVDs, micro SD, and now cloud storage.

However, the traditional data storage techniques have several flaws; limited storage capacity, expensive, can be lost or corrupted or even damaged, unable to store data for a longer time period.

Subsequently, the world data is increasing massively on a daily basis.

So, what will be the future of data storage? The solution is DNA.

What the Heck is DNA?

All living creatures contain DNA which is a long chain of molecules. DNA comprised all necessary information that carries out life functions such as the way to see, what to perform, what color of your hair, and more.

The molecules that make up DNA are called Nucleotides and there are four of them i.e. Adenine (A), Thymidine (T), Guanine (G), and Cytosine (C).

How DNA Data Storage Work?

In computers, information stores in the form of 1s and 0s. Similarly, in the DNA, everything is in the form of four letters such as A, G, C, and T respectively.

The data can be stored in the DNA, using these four letters, just like 1s and 0s in computers. For example, 00 for A, 01 for G, 10 for C, and 11 for T.

The following DNA data storage steps;

DNA Storage








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