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Dream recording machine

Do you ever think of recording your dreams while you are sleeping? Just like the many science fiction stories or movies. Now, it is possible with the Dream Recording machine!

Dreaming and imagination is a hobby want by every human. On average humans spent six years of their life in dreaming. Some use to imagine about their loved ones, i.e. their life partners or their favorite celebrities. Whereas some about their favorite cars or places and more.

What is Dream?

A succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep is called a dream. They are imaginary whether it’s good or bad.

It is possible that they make you feel cheerful or pitiful. However, it’s only a round of a couple of synthetic compounds so-called hormones.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion for reaching for the stars to change the world.” – Harriett Tubman

Dream Recording Machine

Japanese Researchers have figured out how to decode what you imagine about by estimating your brain movement while you rest. For that, they have developed a kind of dream-recording machine. The data collected from the machine can later be integrated into the algorithm. It reconstructs your dreams, and enable you to play back them back.  

How Dream Recording Machine Works?

During sleep, when we see something in genuine, our brain releases substance – hormones, with the goal to recognize it.  

For example, when you see a snake in practical life, your brain will release hormones for its distinguishing proof. A similar compound will be discharged when the snake comes in your dreams or creative energy.

In simple words, when we picture a particular substance in our psyches, our minds produce predictable neural patterns. It would then be able to be related to what is being imagined.


We have heard about ‘brain waves’ that carry information are similar to radio waves. Both waves are formed of electromagnetic radiations (waves that travel at the speed of light). Every time we think, a bunch of neurons fire at the same frequency and generate a wave.

The researcher has used this phenomenon to measure brain activity and connect the brain to electronic devices. They came to know, which part of the brain is active for different events. Also, which part of the brain is used during dreaming.

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Techniques Involved

First Method

This method is very straight forward. It involves the appeared pictures and the waves created were recorded. The data are then put into an algorithm. The algorithm interprets the data and will compare that to known peaks. This strategy is mainly based on brain hormonal responses.

Second Method

In this method, the person was asked to sleep in the fMRI machine. Also, allow an individual to dream about something. After some time, a person is woken up in the middle and was asked about what he was dreaming about. The peaks created in fMRI are recorded and then compared for the results.

The strategy is repeated approx. 200 times for each participated in the study.   


Scientists claim that the outcome from these strategies is right up to 60%. However, with the improvement and progression of innovation, the result of Dream recording machine will show signs of positive growth in the near future.


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